MyShortcuts 1.0

Collate all your shortcuts in one easy access menu


  • Makes accessing programs quicker
  • Easy to install and configure


  • Doesn't offer that many advantages over Windows Quick Launch


Let's face it, where would be without shortcuts? Shortcuts save valuable time searching for program extensions in your Start menu or on your hard drive.

However, it can soon get to the stage where your desktop is ram packed full of desktop shortcuts. MyShortcuts is a simple tool that allows you to collect all your shortcuts in one place rather than having several at once. It allows you to place direct links to folders and documents allowing you to find and access them much faster than usual. If alternatively, you're always taking the "Program Files" or "My Documents" route just to access a simple utility that has no shortcut, then this program allows you to create one or at least, make it easier to access.

The program sits quietly in either the system tray or just above your Start Menu. As you add shortcuts, you can classify them according to importance so that you most frequently accessed programs are top of the list. Windows does do this already in what it calls the "Quick Launch" menu which is what you see as soon as you move the mouse over the Start symbol but it's for limited space and can only fit a few entries whereas this program has much more scope.

MyShortcuts is a handy tool for anyone in a hurry or those that feel that they are drowning in desktop shortcuts.

MyShortcuts is an easy to use application launcher and a good alternative to the Windows Start Menu.

It's an excellent tool to organize your shortcuts proving both friendly and intuitive. It provides quick access to your favorite programs, shortcuts, folders, documents and websites.



MyShortcuts 1.0

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